Last month I joined a Yahoo Group called Diet Survivors. It is run by a woman named Linda Moran. Linda is a deeply caring person who is an Author, Licensed Educator, and a trained Crisis Counselor. Suffice it to say that she’s a truly amazing gal.

Linda created Diet Survivors because she felt a burning desire to give back to others. She has successfully navigated through the trenches of eating disordered behaviors. Her personal experience with weight gain, yo yo dieting and her ultimate triumph over the diet mentality has fueled her passion to create several books and to generously share her wisdom and support on the board.

I feel truly blessed to be able to offer anything connected with Linda’s vast knowledge about the subject of conquering your food issues forever. I highly recommend that you take full advantage of this outstanding resource so that you can grease the wheels of your own personal progress. I have found that Linda’s board with all the practical information and guidance it affords will surely put you on the fast track to your own success in overcoming your weight issues.

I highly recommend that you run, don’t walk to register for Linda’s free membership into this incredible community of caring people dedicated to helping you to live life to the fullest by learning how to trust your body and supporting you through taking the steps necessary to transform your relationship to food.