This morning I received an email from a reader named Sharon in Australia. Sharon mentioned that she is happier when she is not dieting. However now and again she falls back into the clutches of the old diet mentality and gives in.  She mentions that one of her biggest challenges is that she does not accept the way that she looks now.

This is such a common feeling among people who have dieted for many years. Oftentimes we have very skewed images of ourselves. The problem is that when we think those fat thoughts, we become fatter. Since the powerful brain chemical, norepinephrine gets stimulated with a good workout due to that kind of nasty thinking, the fat cells that are sitting around in our bodies, get tickled and become ‘oversexed’,  transforming the nutrients in our bodies into fat , pure fat! Yikes!

How damned scary is that?

Your thoughts are making you fat!

Your thoughts are making you fat!

It’s been scientifically proven that our thoughts do, in fact affect our bodies. In a study that was done at Yale University, Dr. Judith Rudin just showed a piece of steak to volunteers who were fasting. Then it was cooked in front of them. No one ate the steak. As part of the experiment the volunteers had their blood drawn and analyzed before, during and after the test.  Despite the fact that no one ate anything, the results demonstrated a dramatic increase in their insulin levels.

From that experiment, Dr. Rudin theorized that, since we always have nutrients in our bodies, the increased insulin, exacerbated by the stress response of being “tempted by the food” created a chemical reaction in the body that resulted in an insulin conversion of fat in the volunteers.

That means that by simply thinking negatively about eating, getting fat, or entertaining self sabotaging thoughts about how fat you look or feel, it will actually send that message to your body to produce more norepinephrine and that will trigger the insulin production which will then convert your nutrients to fat! You will then get fatter without putting a thing in your mouth!!!

Ladies, it’s so important to check those nasty fat, “I hate my thighs” beliefs at the door. This is a perfect opportunity to use Emotional Freedom Technique and knock those bad boys out of the park! Register to join my weekly Juicy Woman Fabulous, Fit and Free Call and get back in control!