Author: Andrea Amador

Boundary Basics: Change Your Inner Voice

Do you find yourself always beating up on yourself? Putting yourself down after every goof? Can’t seem to stop? That’s your internal critic’s voice and you can get control of it. Let me tell you how to tame your inner critic and turn it into a loving coach. You’re probably thinking that because you’re not perfect, haven’t accomplished everything you set out to do, or haven’t gotten down to your ideal weight, that something is wrong with you. That’s not true. That’s just the silly little inner critic voice that’s stuck in your head. Why Change Your Internal Voice? When you speak to yourself in a loving and respectful tone of voice, you’ll be more relaxed, at ease and feel good. Those are the happy chemicals floating  throughout your body creating that feel-good state. But when you yell at yourself and draw attention to your imperfections and flaws, that makes you feel badly. Anything that upsets you and makes you feel threatened, triggers your brain to activate your body’s stress response. Different strokes for different folks. For some people, food is their body’s quickest way of trying to reset itself and feel good again. For others it’s smoking, drinking, drugs, TV, internet, sex or spending. Whatever is quickest and has worked at least 3 times in the past, will most likely be the behavior you’ll gravitate towards without thinking....

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Transform Your Inner Critic

As you may know, I’ve been sharing many stories about stepping out of my comfort zone and expanding my boundaries. Last year I submitted one of my stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul and now I’m a contributing author for their brand. My story, “Beauty At Every Size” was published in their book, “Curvy & Confident: 101 Stories About Loving Yourself and Your Body.” In my work as a Virtual Assistant, I help business owners by blogging, editing and handling their social media. I learned how to use WordPress and moved my blog over to the platform. I’ve taught myself graphic and web design and done many things with my computer and technology that I never thought possible. The confidence I gained by learning to design graphics, made it fun and easy for me to take on hobbies like painting, drawing, and sketching.  I cried tears of joy when I discovered that painting satisfies my soul as much as writing. I’ve completely and totally fallen in love with being an artist. I crave the satisfaction that comes with creating beauty. Because I am more confident and expressive, verbally and artistically, My life has exploded with possibilities. On a recent trip to visit my mother in Florida, I demanded respect from a man who tried to make an insensitive remark and bully me about my weight. I’m proud to...

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Cry Now to Smile Later

Like so many people, my life has been touched by depression and anxiety. But because I’ve always used food to self-medicate, I never really noticed until last year. The straw that broke the camel’s back, came for me, soon after both my daughter and son moved out of the house, when my precious, 14 year old Cat Owie (pictured right) was diagnosed with kidney failure. No wonder he was all of a sudden having accidents everywhere. The stress of it all was making me feel more than a little disconnected from my husband, Angel.┬áIt seemed like we were squabbling...

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