Author: Andrea Amador

“Pledge Body Respect” Google+ Hangout on 11/24/15 Teaches Emotional Empowerment

How many times today:
have you thought about food, eating or being fat?
have you disrespected or cursed your body?
have you criticized or judged your own or someone else’s body?
have you blamed your body for feeling miserable?
Living in a fat-shaming society, it’s tempting to think that our bodies are the problem, but that’s not at all true.

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What Binging on a 1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream Taught Me About The Value of Self-Compassion

What do you do after you lose your mind and end up overeating? Do you head to the gym, starve yourself for a few days or just let bygones be bygones?

Have you been blaming your weakness for falling headfirst into the ice cream, the bag of chips or the plate of pasta? Hating yourself isn’t going to help you feel any better. I’ve learned that self-compassion is actually the best antidote to bust down your binges.

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Dieting Drives Deprivation: Are You Eating What You Really Want?

Hmm. It’s soon dinnertime. What are you going to have? Ravioli, a cheeseburger, Chicken Pot Pie or a nice rare steak with juicy fat on it? As a kid, from the time I was 10 I was a dieter, and my father forced me to cut the fat off of my steak. It made me crave steak fat like crazy. How often do you really think about what you want vs. what you should eat? Before you became a dieter, or decided to watch what you eat, was food always so complicated? Not for me. I grew up with an enormous love and appreciation for really great food. With French and Italian roots, Sunday dinners were big in my family. I remember seeing my Nana lovingly stirring a simmering pot of her meat gravy while Aunt Millie rolled out her homemade stuffed diapers, better known as ravioli. OMG! You could smell the aromas coming from Nana’s apartment as soon as you walked out of the elevator. I was put on my first diet when I was 10 years old. No more pasta. No more anything tasty. Just boring, gross food. From that point on, that began my obsession with food and eating. As a dieter, you’re given the message that you shouldn’t eat the foods you love because you can’t be trusted to eat them in moderation, ‘like a...

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How Emotional Eating Comes to Your Rescue: Self-Compassion As the Antidote to Bust Down Your Binges

Most people believe that the way to lose weight and get healthier is by taking a bootstrap approach and whipping themselves back into shape. But the only way to get control of what you eat is by putting an end to trying to control it in the first place. If you’re frustrated because you’re carrying excess weight, the problem is not what you’re eating. It’s what’s eating you. Stress! Your rocky relationship with food and your body are a reflection of the stress in your life and how helpless that makes you feel. By focusing on restricting your food, rather than confronting the emotions that are triggering the unconscious urge to overeat, is like trying to bandage a broken leg. Experts claim that emotional eating is the reason why up to 98% of all diets fail in less than 5 years. To effectively manage overeating, you have to learn how to calm your body’s stress response so that you won’t always feel compelled to reach for food when you’re not hungry. You can do this learning how to nurture yourself and create your own personal feelings of safety. I’m talking about the importance of being more self-compassionate in order to minimize your emotional eating. Here’s why: Imagine yourself alone facing a storm on the ocean. It’s dark and your boat has capsized. You don’t have the strength to swim...

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