In yesterday’s post, I discussed how the Air Force uses anchoring to keep the flight teams committed. You can use this same method to reinforce new habits that will support you to respect and accept your body, eat intuitively and make daily incremental changes that will assist you to lose weight without dieting.

Becoming an intuitive eater is a process that requires being able to think differently and to expand your world beyond black and white thinking that is so commonly aligned with the diet mentality.

In order to live and eat as a naturally slender woman, you would need to break old habits that have been reinforced by years of dieting, feelings of deprivation and lack of acceptance of your body.

You might even want to create some new anchors that will help you to make changes easily and effortlessly. Anchors work in the subconscious mind and act as a command to the brain to reinforce a pattern of thinking, feeling or acting each time the anchor is fired.

As dieters, we’ve been conditioned to respond to many anchors. Some of them include the following assortment of words and images:

words like fat, no, fattening, diet, chubby, cheating, chocolate, the feeling of anticipation you get when you open up the refrigerator or peek in the cabinets in search of goodies, the rush of fear and excitement you get as you step on the scale, the feelings of sadness and frustration as you struggle to try on pants that are too tight, etc.

These are just a few examples of some of the ways that you’ve been programmed by dieting to act in certain predictable ways. By being exposed to these life situations, you have become conditioned to think of yourself and your abilities to lose weight in negative and self defeating ways.

If you’re ready for a change and want to create some new empowering associations to help you to lose weight effortlessly without dieting, then you would do well to first break down the old negative programming that you’ve been attending to for years.

On next Monday’s Juicy Woman Fabulous, Fit and Free Call, we’ll be discussing the power of anchors and helping you to reframe your negative self talk. By taking down those bad boys, that’s the first line of defense in learning how to treat yourself more lovingly and gently.

After all, you’ve probably heard of the saying, “You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Well join me on Monday for a honey of a time as we create new associations to support your efforts to live and eat as a naturally slender woman.