Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a trend. Many of my clients in my Losing Weight without Dieting Program have been experiencing resistance. After several weeks of great success, changed habits, more mindful eating, and paying attention to their hunger, several of them found that it had become very difficult to get motivated, feel excited about losing weight and truly relax into the process, consequently they fell back into patterns of overeating.

I recognized that I was having the same struggles myself. When I decided to follow my own program privately alongside them, I noticed that I, too was slowly losing weight, food was losing its allure more than ever, I was craving salads like mad and overall I was becoming much more confident and self accepting of my own body. I was enjoying the skin that I was in! That’s when I created the video that you’ll see here on this site. I began the process of Losing Weight Without Dieting with my group at 199 pounds and over a short couple of weeks, I had lost 3 pounds.

Right after doing the video in mid May, I noticed that I was getting really cranky with my husband, Angel, working in my home office around the clock, losing sleep, craving junk food again and eating way beyond the point of feeling satisfied. Feeling sexy was out of the question. After weighing myself  recently, feeling fat I discovered that I had regained those 3 pounds back again and was at 199 once more. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was struggling with some internal resistance but needed to explore it further. I decided that it would be great to address the groups’ resistance as well as mine by making that the focus of one of my
Free Weekly Juicy Woman Fabulous, Fit and Free calls. I was determined to hit this moving target!

On that call, a client of mine had mentioned noticing that she fell into patterns of sabotage whenever she neared a certain number on the scale. Many of the women, including myself could relate to her fears. This question inspired me to dig deeper to find the answer and to resolve the issue for all of us.

Since I am deeply inspired by EFT Master, Carol Look and admire her work, and consider her to be an outstanding role model for teaching and learning EFT, I knew that the answer was to go back to my pool of resources from Carol. I had total faith that I would find the answer to what I was seeking by going back to the recordings that Carol had sent me as a participant of her EFT For Weight Loss class back in June 2006. Carol focuses on connecting abundance with the Law of Attraction and helping people to raise their vibrations by using EFT to address the emotions that keep them in fear. I knew that we were all facing fear to a degree.

As I listened to the recording and tapped along on my own resistance to losing weight, Carol chose a woman named Cindy who had an overwhelm and safety issue around losing large amounts of weight. Carol suggested that Cindy do some tapping around specific small increments of weight and to recognize each issue that pops up with every small milestone approaching. She recommended that anyone on the call who had a lot of weight to lose, should tap on each 5 pound increment or whatever amount feels right and safe. I tapped along with the group, resonating deeply to Cindy’s lack of feeling safety issue.

Carol’s next caller was a man who said that he was able to lose weight effortlessly whenever he wasn’t thinking about it, yet as long as he focused on it, it was nearly impossible to him. Carol tapped along with him as well and explained that when we focus on being fat, not fitting in tight clothes, and all our physical imperfections due to being overweight, that energy actually works against us creating resistance and inhibiting our natural ability to lose weight.

She suggested tapping to relieve those anxieties and get to the point of either being okay with your body now or if possible actually feeling slimmer. that hit the mark for me and I tapped on my impatience to  lose the weight and my lack of willingness to accept myself as being fat and my fury around gaining weight because of the fact that I tested out Intuitive Eating without tappiing and feeling so stupid and powerless around that whole deal. I got all teary and found myself doing a ton of yawning. I knew that a lot of energy was moving in me. Now I had a whole new awareness with my feelings. Contrary to before, the information that I shared with my group, now became a part of my body. I felt my energy balance.

After I tapped on my feeling pressured to lose the weight, being conflicted about sharing the video, my impatience and fear that I couldn’t lose the weight, feeling like a fraud, losing all credibility with my clients, my insecurity of being vulnerable and being perceived as weak,and being generally frustrated around having another 40 pounds to lose, I felt much better. I used Carol’s suggestion to tap on smaller increments of weight. For now I’m feeling safer to go back down to 196 pounds. We’ll see what happens. I tapped furiously replaying that tape over and over again. I listened to that tape and then I listened to more Carol goodies including a few of her free  EFT-Talk podcasts with Rick Wilkes. Great stuff. I highly recommend it. Afterwards I felt like The Juicy Woman again.

Since doing that yesterday, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten back my edge and desire to get thinner. I even feel smaller and see myself thinner. I can’t verify this by the scale right now because that could do more harm than good for me. Besides I tell my clients to toss out their scales.

However since doing that tapping with Carol’s group, I feel a total absence of anxiety around losing the next few pounds and my intensely sharp, well honed discrimination of food has returned. The Princess is in the building. If there’s something not good enough about that food, I’ll find it, just like the Princess and Pea with the lumpy mattress.

In fact last night when I got hungry I looked at the freezer filled with an assortment of ice cream treats and the cabinets filled with cookies and goodies and knew that I didn’t want any part of any of that stuff that had formerly been calling my name since my daughter, Cara had shot the video. Instead I felt that sense of calmness and peaceful tranquility around food that I had learned to recognize from nearly a year of learning by trial and error to become an Intuitive Eater.

I knew I was hungry and I wanted something simple and a bit sweet. A box of corn pops caught my eye and I poured a small bowl and added a splash of Vanilla Silk Soy milk. After I took my first bite, I noticed that the Pops had gone stale and tasted more like pillows than crunchy corn cereal. Then I verified my findings by attempting a second small spoonful. Yucky! It was the same. Pillows! I tossed out the whole bowl into the garbage disposal and poured myself a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and a bit of vanilla soy. The first spoonful was delightful, crunchy with a light cinnamon and apple flavor. Yummy! I slowly enjoyed every bit of it.

Progress comes in stages. I realized that my resistance cropped up big time when I decided to come clean with my vulnerability around weight loss. That really freaked me out and I was afraid of being judged and looking foolish. Now I realize that there’s a heck of a lot more to gain by jumping out in the spotlight, sharing my weaknesses and letting you see how I use energy coaching to handle them one by one. Maybe from this experience, I’ll really learn how to be more compassionate with myself. Maybe by watching me, you’ll learn how to be more gentle with yourself too. I wish that for the both of us.

I owe these small and simple changes to tapping along with Carol’s recording and using her suggestions. I love her work and I’m sure you will too.

Give Carol’s work a try and let me know how it works for you.