Body obsession is a national pastime. Nearly 4 out of 5 women hate their bodies. As women, most of us have been taught to idolize the skinny models that adorn fashion magazines. We were also led into years of dieting dysfunction by our well meaning families and friends attempting to help us get healthier and to become more beautiful. As a result, we’ve learned to discount our best assets, ourselves.

I’ve been a fan of What Not to Wear for a long time but recently I’ve noticed that more often than not, they tend to do makeovers on women who are smaller than average size. They often do wonderful makeovers on larger women, but for the most part the plus size woman is just not getting enough love and attention nowadays from the fashion community at large.

Enter Carson Kressley, an openly gay man, who is a professional stylist and fashion designer to the stars. He is a former co-host of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and an actor whose delightfully playful attitude and  approach to empowering women and coaching them to love their bodies makes him the perfect host of Lifetime’s new show, How to Look Good Naked. I just love him.

In my opinion, this show is a real breath of fresh air, filled with the warmth and tenderness of real human emotions and struggles that make you want to stand up and cheer or just let the tears trickle down your cheeks.

As I sat watching the two pilot shows back to back on Sunday night, I was mesmerized by how gentle and caring Carson is in his position of host of the show. He is warm, funny and endearing and a true supporter of women who struggle with emotional issues that undermine their self esteem.

I recommend this show to any woman who questions her beauty. The premise of the show is to first help the women to see themselves from a new perspective. It’s all so good.

From standing beside her at the mirror, wearing only her bra and panties, Carson leads the women on his show through a personal transformation spanning five days ending in a big reveal on a live billboard after a professional photo shoot is done tastefully in the nude. In my opinion, the show is a magnificent example of leading what they term ‘a perception revolution.’ Well that’s exactly what it does. It helps you to change your perceptions about what is beauty and to see yourself from a vantage point of already being beautiful.

Ladies, share with me. Let me hear what you think about this whole idea of loving your body?  Post a comment and share your feedback. I also invite you to come and join me in my Juicy Woman Forum. It’s a great place to gather lots of loving support from other women on the road to non diet weight loss and a juicier helping of self confidence.