Be sure to catch Avenue’s store sale today. Last chance to buy fabulous boots, sweaters and jewelry at rock bottom prices!

Picture_281 Ever since writing my book, my eyes have opened up to new resources in plus size fashion. As a gal now passionate about finding great fitting clothes that are budget friendly and beautiful, when I find something great, I’m going to share it with you.

After being on their mailing list for a couple of months and seeing some of their goodies, I decided to take a chance and see what my local Avenue store had to offer. I went a little nuts when I saw their fabulous selection of sweaters, boots, slippers and jewelry; all on sale.

Today is the last day of their crazy 50% off selected boots and shoes sale. I’ve already bought the Gabby Boot in brown for myself (love the pom poms. They’re so cute with jeans.)  0324_92112_mm
and the

Lori boot in black for my 13 year old daughter, Cara.  0324_93060_mm
What a kick! She’s not even plus size, but just think out of the box. After all, who could resist this crazy sale! Each of the boots were only $20, marked down from $41.90. Happy. Happy. Our tootsies are sure to be nice and toasty as we trudge through the snow here in upstate New York. But since these are suede uppers, make sure that you give them a good coat of water repellent before you hit the wet streets.

As a die hard accessorista, I have to admit I went a bit bonkers when I saw all their fabulous necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets on sale for only $5 each. In the photo above, where I ham it up for the cam, you see me wearing two of the pieces; the blue bracelet and the necklace. I hope that by the time that I write this, the sale is still on. You’ll have to check your local store and see. But I do know that today is the last day of their sweater and selected boot sale.

Can you imagine? Beautiful rich jewel tone sweaters for only $5 each! For myself, I got purple, red, black, blue, magenta, and a black and red to give as gifts. My favorite style is the square neck with the fitted sleeve, but they also have the same colors and more in the bell sleeve. Both styles look great either layered, worn alone or with a belt. You’ve got to run, don’t walk to get to Avenue today because you’ll love the selection and the colors are stunning. If you’re shopping online, don’t forget to use coupon code AV91170** to receive a $5 sweater. Happy shopping!

Oh by the way in a shameless plug for my book, this is what I meant by giving you practical, useful and immediate information and strategies to feel great. This is the way to increase your curvy confidence quotient. In the section entitled, “Act to Attract,” I discuss how important it is to wear clothes that fit and feel great now. Please don’t make the mistake I did and run around in your husband’s t shirts and old drawstring sweat pants thinking that you’re too fat to go shopping now. That’s a perfect recipe for depression and disaster. No more procrastinating. You deserve to look and feel great now. Take it from me. There’s nothing better than wearing fabulous clothes that make you feel soooooooooooooo good. There’s a whole section at the back of the book on my favorite online and offline plus size fashion resources. But one thing that bugs me about Avenue is that although they represent themselves to be a Plus size store, their models don’t reflect that image. Anyway despite their boneheaded bias, there’s some really good fashion at rock bottom pricing. Give it a go! Want more ideas? Click below to check out my book.

Andrea, I Want To Love the Skin I’m In!

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