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Andrea (The Juicy Woman) Amador on ‘Launching Dirty’ and Switching Gears

You already know that I’ve been passionate about body acceptance for years. And that part of my message won’t change, but now at 54 years old, you will notice that I’ll be digging deeper and exploring topics that are more specific to women in their 40’s and beyond. Stick around and I’ll be sharing more about being an emptynester, aging, overcoming depression and facing grief, and much more. Because at the heart of life is change, and if you can’t face it with an attitude of acceptance and love, you’ll always be your own worst enemy.

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Stop Shaming Yourself for Overeating

Stop hating yourself for overeating. When you’re under stress, it’s almost impossible to listen to your body’s hunger signals. Overwhelming emotions like resentment, sadness and anger can fool our bodies into thinking that we’re always hungry. Left to roam wild, your stress response will keep you double fisting chocolates and cookies, popping them into your mouth faster than you can chew. This is your lizard brain’s survival way of keeping you safe, and when it gets triggered, it gets activated because it senses the presence of danger. In reality it’s really just the fear of facing whatever uncomfortable emotions pressed you to reach for the chocolate. Forgiving yourself and moving on would make the threat go away. As long as you shame yourself for giving into the temptation, you keep the cycle of guilt and gorge going. giving food more power over you than it deserves.

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Health at Every Size Best selling Author, Dr. Linda Bacon Talks HAES with Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman

You want so much to lose weight. But it seems like nothing you’ve done has worked. In fact maybe you’ve even gained weight over the years. Want to know how to win the war against fat? Stop fighting. Learn more about the Health...

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Are You Tired of Hiding?

If you find yourself shrinking at the prospect of stepping out and expressing yourself, shining your light and boldly saying what on your mind, then your fear is holding your confidence hostage. I can help you solve that because...

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Are You Calling Yourself Names? – Join the weekly Sexy At Every Size Call and Get Your Sassy Back

  Are you calling yourself names? When you look in the mirror or get on a scale, do you berate yourself for being overweight? Doing that will only make you feel worse about yourself and you’ll end up caught in a...

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4 Hot Confidence-Building Tips to Bust Out of Body Shame

Most women, regardless of their size are insecure about their bodies. If you can relate to the struggle of being ashamed and frustrated, feeling tempted to hide yourself behind as much fabric as possible I want to turn you on to 4 of my favorite hot confidence-building tips to move you past the body hating blues.

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