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What Binging on a 1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream Taught Me About The Value of Self-Compassion

What do you do after you lose your mind and end up overeating? Do you head to the gym, starve yourself for a few days or just let bygones be bygones?

Have you been blaming your weakness for falling headfirst into the ice cream, the bag of chips or the plate of pasta? Hating yourself isn’t going to help you feel any better. I’ve learned that self-compassion is actually the best antidote to bust down your binges.

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Decoding Your FAT Chat: Saying Goodbye to the “Itchy Twitchy Bitchies”

Ever get angry about everything? Have you been walking around with a case of the grumps? Has that been affecting your appetite? Are you craving chips and pretzels and anything crunchy? Or maybe you’re gnawing down on Milk Duds, biting down on bones, pulverizing hard candies? No matter what your food drug of choice is, it’s your body’s way of saying that you’re under pressure and you’re upset about something. No judging–just pay attention.

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6 Tips to Loving Yourself Past a Binge

Have you gotten caught up in a loop of overeating and/or binging? A lot of people think that once they overeat, it means that they are a bad person with no self-control or discipline. A binge is different for each person. Eating...

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A Bread Insensitivity For Me Means To Live Pain Free, I Choose to Be Wheat-Free

Do you sometimes feel pain in your joints when you walk down a flight of steps? Maybe you’re...

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“Just the Bare Necessities” and Being Last on your Priority List

  Have you been settling for less, expecting to get only the barest of essentials, thinking that your needs aren’t as important as everyone else’s? Lots of women, especially moms fall into this trap. A lot of moms wind up...

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