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Stop Shaming Yourself for Overeating

Stop hating yourself for overeating. When you’re under stress, it’s almost impossible to listen to your body’s hunger signals. Overwhelming emotions like resentment, sadness and anger can fool our bodies into thinking that we’re always hungry. Left to roam wild, your stress response will keep you double fisting chocolates and cookies, popping them into your mouth faster than you can chew. This is your lizard brain’s survival way of keeping you safe, and when it gets triggered, it gets activated because it senses the presence of danger. In reality it’s really just the fear of facing whatever uncomfortable emotions pressed you to reach for the chocolate. Forgiving yourself and moving on would make the threat go away. As long as you shame yourself for giving into the temptation, you keep the cycle of guilt and gorge going. giving food more power over you than it deserves.

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5 Tips to Break Out of Scale Jail

Do you feel compelled to weigh yourself all the time because you’re heavier than you want to be? Are you sick and tired of having your scale tell you how you’re entitled to feel and what kind of day you’re...

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A Dose of Perception Correction: The Cure for the “I’m so Fat and Ugly” Blues

If you’re struggling with a fat and ugly self image, dieting is not the solution for you. Unless you change the way that you see yourself first, you’ll always think of yourself as being cursed. Your change must start...

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Act to Attract: The Power of Combining Action with Visualization

One of the 7 steps of my RECLAIM method, is “Act to Attract.” When you take action and put into motion your intentions, you powerboost your goals. It’s simply not enough to sit and visualize or just tap on a...

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Anchor Good Feelings To Achieve Goals Effortlessly

This past week I left town with my family to visit my step daughter, Janelle. She is in the Air Force and she was recently promoted to the rank of Tech Sargeant. I’m so tickled with pride. My husband, Angel, our son, PT...

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