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What Binging on a 1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream Taught Me About The Value of Self-Compassion

What do you do after you lose your mind and end up overeating? Do you head to the gym, starve yourself for a few days or just let bygones be bygones?

Have you been blaming your weakness for falling headfirst into the ice cream, the bag of chips or the plate of pasta? Hating yourself isn’t going to help you feel any better. I’ve learned that self-compassion is actually the best antidote to bust down your binges.

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How Emotional Eating Comes to Your Rescue: Self-Compassion As the Antidote to Bust Down Your Binges

Most people believe that the way to lose weight and get healthier is by taking a bootstrap approach and whipping themselves back into shape. But the only way to get control of what you eat is by putting an end to trying to...

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Stop Shaming Yourself for Overeating

Stop hating yourself for overeating. When you’re under stress, it’s almost impossible to listen to your body’s hunger signals. Overwhelming emotions like resentment, sadness and anger can fool our bodies into thinking that we’re always hungry. Left to roam wild, your stress response will keep you double fisting chocolates and cookies, popping them into your mouth faster than you can chew. This is your lizard brain’s survival way of keeping you safe, and when it gets triggered, it gets activated because it senses the presence of danger. In reality it’s really just the fear of facing whatever uncomfortable emotions pressed you to reach for the chocolate. Forgiving yourself and moving on would make the threat go away. As long as you shame yourself for giving into the temptation, you keep the cycle of guilt and gorge going. giving food more power over you than it deserves.

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24 Signs Your Body Is Stressed-Out_Which Are Yours

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Too many people wear their stress like a badge of honor mistakenly thinking that it’s harmless and okay to live with so much tension and anxiety. We often boast about how little...

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Are You Tired of Hiding?

If you find yourself shrinking at the prospect of stepping out and expressing yourself, shining your light and boldly saying what on your mind, then your fear is holding your confidence hostage. I can help you solve that because...

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Are You Calling Yourself Names? – Join the weekly Sexy At Every Size Call and Get Your Sassy Back

  Are you calling yourself names? When you look in the mirror or get on a scale, do you berate yourself for being overweight? Doing that will only make you feel worse about yourself and you’ll end up caught in a...

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Confronting Crisis and Chaos: When Food Calls Your Name and You Don’t Have the Strength to Say, “No”

What do you do when food calls your name and you just don’t have the strength to say “No?” It’s entirely up to you, but I’ve learned that trying to control my eating without confronting what I’m feeling, is a promise of pain. When facing an uphill struggle, it’s like being at the top of the roller coaster, there’s nowhere to go but down. If I’m in that vulnerable place, I willl eat and question the reasons why, later. As I tell my clients, “there is no shame in overeating. Sometimes it’s the best that you can do.

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5 Tips to Break Out of Scale Jail

Do you feel compelled to weigh yourself all the time because you’re heavier than you want to be? Are you sick and tired of having your scale tell you how you’re entitled to feel and what kind of day you’re...

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4 Hot Confidence-Building Tips to Bust Out of Body Shame

Most women, regardless of their size are insecure about their bodies. If you can relate to the struggle of being ashamed and frustrated, feeling tempted to hide yourself behind as much fabric as possible I want to turn you on to...

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