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Your Scale: Want a Side ‘o Sabotage with That?

As a plus size woman wanting to get thinner, do you feel compelled to weigh yourself all the time because you're heavier than you want to be? Are you sick and tired of having your scale tell you how you're entitled to feel and what kind of day you're going to have? Your scale isn't your horoscope. And it's high time you reclaimed your power over this miserable piece of scrap metal. Find out why your scale could be serving you up an extra side of sabotage.

Free Gift: “Get the Fat Out of Your Head” eCourse

If you want to get healthier, you’ve got to stop punishing yourself for eating the foods you love. The problem is not what you’re eating; it’s what’s eating you. Stress! And that’s why I’ve created an 11 lesson eCourse to help you change your perspective. It’s designed to help you break the cycle of blues and body shame so that you can be more compassionate with yourself and recognize that you deserve to be happier and healthier.

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