My experience is teaching me that keeping things clean and clear in my life and the environment around me is all about honesty and having the willingness to let things go.

I had such a lovely holiday spent with my friends and extended family, but I have to admit that all those leftovers that have been sitting there won’t be getting eaten anytime soon. So I’ll have to bid a bittersweet goodbye to my dear friend Lucy’s leftover Italian style sausage and raisin stuffing, my step daughter, Janelle’s homemade cranberry apple sauce, the big slice of my old birthday cake from the 22nd, the chunk of Angel’s from the 29th, the last remaining homage to the holidays, the leftover pernil (pork shoulder) from my mother in law, the unloved opened bottle of Orxata (Spanish concentrate drink mix) that Janelle had brought back from her vacation in Spain, and all the other foods and drinks that represent times past. Good times, happy times.

Now more than ever since food means less to me than it has before, I deeply appreciate the sentiment behind the food, but often I don’t eat it. And every couple of weeks when I clean out my  refrigerator that at this moment is still a bit overstuffed from the holidays, I didn’t actually get that message about the relevancy of being honest until I opened the door and finally saw the light!   How about you? What is your clutter telling you and what areas of your home are shouting the loudest?

Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind.

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