According to Connirae Andreas, Creator of the “Naturally Slender Eating Strategy” and co Author of the book, “Heart of the Mind “, she believes that a little bit of something sweet  is much more desirable and enjoyable than having a lot or too much of it.

For example, she says, that she’s come to realize over time that when she takes a taste of a favorite dessert and focuses on that taste experience, she is able to truly savor every aspect of the confection, its taste, texture, aroma, color, etc.

Take a moment and remember the last time that you enjoyed that first bite or two of a delectable goodie. Do you recall a time when the quality of that experience and the enjoyment of that food began to change and degrade? As you ate more of it, did it taste better or worse?

Enjoy this challenge. Bring a food that you love into your home and test this out for yourself.

Take time to really enjoy and revel in this wonderful, rich experience. You may choose to sit down and enjoy your food. Experiment and see what feels most right for you. You may want to try this with a bit of extra support. I have created an exercise called Mindful and Gentle Eating. Please email me at if you would like a copy to test this out for yourself.

I’d love to know how this little experiment worked for you and what your experience of testing out this process has been like for you. Now tell me… Which is better? More or less?