Hunger! What in the heck is it? If you’re a woman who is struggling with dieting, most of the time you’re walking around convinced that you’re always hungry. After all, you may say, “There’s always room for more” That’s because we have become so detached from our bodies and live our lives surrounding so much drama and busyness that we’re just not aware of how it affects our bodies.

The idea of eating in response to your hunger may seem absolutely ridiculous. This is because the voices in your brain are always screaming, urging, egging you on to eat that cupcake, dive into the open bag of Cheetos, have an extra helping at dinner or supersize it at the drive thru.  You begin to think of yourself as a bottomless pit of hunger, fearing that if you wouldn’t have the diet to keep you under control, you’d lose your mind and never stop binging.

The diet organization feeds on that fear by telling you never to get too hungry. You’ve been cautioned to ignore or fear your hunger and fill up on foods that block your awareness of being hungry.

There are so many reasons that we have the urge to eat that have nothing to do with satisfying our physical hunger. These are some of the culprits that have been pushing your hungry buttons:

  • habits or conditioning makes you think that you are hungry
  • programmed eating like breakfast, lunch and dinner keeps you focused on food
  • seeing others eating around you
  • seeing food on television, looking at pictures in magazines
  • driving down the highway and passing all the fast food restaurants
  • being in a supermarket surrounded by food
  • smelling popcorn at the movies

These are all examples of triggers that push you to want to eat when you’re not hungry. Diets don’t effectively teach you how to deal with this kind of constant temptation, so you’re left alone to begin the tightrope rope walk between wanting to eat all the time and feeling deprived and frustrated. It feels to you like you have an emptiness inside and it makes sense to fill it with food.

That emptiness that you feel is actually the unresolved emotions that you are dealing with in your life. Those are the real driving forces behind your seemingly never-ending urge to eat food. They cause you to start salivating and fantasizing about crispy fries and double cheeseburgers whenever you pass a Wendy’s, Burger King or McDonald’s. They make you think about wanting to buy a donut, piece of cake or loaf of bread each time you pass by a bakery. It’s your emotions that you need to deal with in order to stop the constant urge to eat. Diets don’t address those urges.

Diets imply that if you had more willpower, get tougher, be more disciplined, you will lose weight. But willpower wasn’t meant to work over the long term. It’s only useful as long as we’re actively thinking about the goal, then our unconscious habits take over.

Diets have lulled us into thinking that we must rely on the regimentation of the diet and our mental capacity to control our desires in order to tame our desperate hunger. We’re told that we can’t give in and eat everything we want.

If you’re a woman who’s lived your life around dieting, you know that every meal feels like it’s going to be your last. You approach every opportunity to eat with a desperate desire to take in as much as you possibly can. There’s a mourning that occurs when the food begins to disappear because diets have placed restrictions on foods and that has made you want them even more.

If you’re tired of living this way, then find out how my Losing Weight without Dieting program can help you stop the insanity, make peace with food and love your body more than ever as you slowly and gently end your food and weight obsession.

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