Diets! How hateful are they? In my opinion, their restrictive nature keeps you tied up in knots, often causing you, the dieter to obsesss about foods in a way that is unnatural. Diets have an alarmingly low rate of success. Most people who have been on a diet and lost weight, have eventually regained that weight back. That evidences the fact that ultimately the diet didn’t work.

Most women aren’t conditioned to believe that. They’ve been sold a bill of goods that says, that something is wrong with them. So many say that they have no will power, lack self control, have no discipline, they’re too weak or too lazy. We beat up on ourselves when in fact, in my opinion, we should be beating up on diets. Diets don’t work!

I know that’s a hard pill to swallow and I refused to accept that idea because it meant that I had to give something up. As a former Weight Watchers member, I had successfully lost 50 pounds and managed to keep it off for more than 6 years. I thought that the diet was successful. I credited it with my success and kept on hoping that my desperate feelings about food would eventually change, but as long as I was on a diet, my obsessions continued. Eventually I gained about 30 pounds back and like so many other women, I blamed myself. Today I know that it is possible to lose weight, eat the foods you love, drop the obsessive thinking, feel great and not diet. Want to know more?