Dr. 90210 is an E! Entertainment Cable television series based on a day in the life of several now famous Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons. As a gal with a fascination for inner transformation, I love watching this show. Each time I see a patient  of any of these skilled doctors go ‘under the knife’, it seems that it instantly shows up in a boost to their level of self confidence.

The cameras show that the patients, who once felt like ugly ducklings can now act and live as swans. They are shown taking more risks, having more fun and living life more passionately. Boy, oh boy, this certainly does make you think that all your problems can go away with a simple nip and tuck. Could this really be a cure all for a fat self image? I wonder if that’s always the case?

Imagine how you would feel if you had a breast lift or a tummy tuck or fixed a broken nose? Wouldn’t that make you feel more confident? One would think so. It’s very tempting indeed to think that everything in your external world would change because your body is different.

However, despite the perception of that quick fix of instant gratification, I don’t think that Dr. 90210 is accurately reflecting the whole truth. As much as I’d like to naively believe that these surgeons could wave their magic scalpels and instantly erase all the negative effects of their patients’ life experience and leave them with a clean slate of a healthy self image, I don’t think it’s possible.

I’m sure that it may happen often but I don’t think that it’s always the case. I believe that people can have plastic surgery and not experience any internal change in the way that they see themselves.

How about you? Have you ever had an experience when you got down to your goal weight or had a procedure and still carried around that same old familiar negative ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ self image? Please leave a comment or a story and share your thoughts with me. I’d love to hear from you.