What is fat thinking you might ask? For me, I would have to say that it is all or nothing thinking, take no prisoners, I hate myself type of thinking.  A lot to swallow.  It sticks in your throat and prevents you from truly expressing yourself.

It reminds me of a story of a dear friend of mine.  We’ll call her Sally.  Sally is a beautiful talented woman who is an artist who has honed her craft after years of work and practice.  She’s the cream of the crop.

She’s a beautiful woman, with a lovely kind and open spirit, always there for others.  She’ll give you the shirt off your back.  Sally is a tall, slender, exotic looking woman over 40.  She’s married and her husband is often unkind to her.  She accepts that as her lot in life.  He calls her stupid and ugly, despite her inner beauty and wisdom.

Weighing in at less than 117 pounds, this stunning woman can’t get out of her head that she is fat. She does not hear the words of others complimenting her, nor does she does see herself in the mirror.  She’s burdened by thinking that she’s fat and that is what matters.

We’ve never had a full meal when we get together.  She’s always just had salad or tea.  She tells me of her shameful nights of binging and the days that follow with nothing to eat but a few boiled carrots and water.  Sally likes to be thin yet she sees herself as fat.

She cons the members at Weight Watchers by donning a jacket with pockets and stuffing it with quarters so that they will allow her to stay on program.  I love my friend, Sally and I have told her that she doesn’t have to live this way.  She’s refused my help and probably countless other offers of love and caring people.  That’s Sally’s life for now.

Do you know a Sally? Could it be you? You see it really doesn’t matter whether you weight 50 pounds or 5000 pounds, if you have fat thoughts, then you will never be able to change.  The nature of fat thinking is to inflict pain on oneself.  It doesn’t matter the scope of it.  It could be as simple as saying, “I hate myself.  Look at me.  I gained 10 pounds over vacation.  What a f— pig I am! That’s what I call fat thinking.

It implies that we must be punished because our bodies are not perfect. Who the hell says that we’re not perfect anyway? I say that we are! As we allow ourselves to unfold to that truth, we will find that the importance of food recedes into the background.  That’s when true and lasting weight loss will occur.

It starts with loving yourself.  Do you love youself? Please share your story of a Sally in your life so that we can move beyond the belief that we must suffer in silence.  I’m here for you and you’re not alone anymore!