Today I came across this incredibly inspiring 4 minute video advertisement for Pantene hair products and wanted to share it with you. It’s about a young deaf mute girl from Thailand who yearns to be able to play the violin. As with all of us, she is faced with many unwelcome circumstances, conflict, doubt and people who try to limit her dreams and clip her wings.

For me, it really hit home, because during the past two years when I’ve been in the writing and editing phases of this book, it seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong, did. It’s been a very painful time and due to the harshness of the circumstances, I was tempted to give up more than once. Yet something always pushed me to keep going. It was almost as though the universe was asking me, “How badly do you want it? How badly do you want to finish this book?

How about you? Have you ever felt as though you were being challenged or prevented from accomplishing something that you wanted so badly you could taste it? Is there a song that remains unsung and chained up in your heart? What will it take to set it free?

I feel that the message of this video is to teach us to recognize that we can shine our light and be who we are no matter what the circumstance, despite all odds and regardless of who tries to bend or break us.

Typically I’m not much of a classical music fan, but Pachelbel’s Canon playing in the background moved me to tears as I sat and watched this video. It’s only at the very end that you understand why this is a hair commercial but it’s so beautifully and artisistically done it leaves you breathless and thinking, “No matter what, I can do it.” That’s why I decided to put the link to the video at the end of my personal note that I included at the close of my book.

See Pantene video with piano girl


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