Did you know that according to research, nearly 4 out of 5 women hate their bodies, picking at flaws and focusing endlessly on imperfections. Diet organizations feed on that kind of insecurity and fear, happily encouraging that trend of thinking that deludes you into believing that something is wrong with you, especially if you’re overweight.

The thing that nobody has ever told you is that your stinking thinking has actually been making you fatter. Your body recognizes how you feel about it. When you think loving thoughts, you feel lovable. When you think hateful thoughts, you feel hateful. As long as you think harmful thoughts about yourself, your weight, your body, your relationship to food, you and your body will always be in a stand off. Self acceptance is the key to unlock your personal transformation.

As long as you hate your body it will stubbornly hate you back by refusing to budge, keeping you stuck, feeling as though you are insatiable, hungry all the time, which prevents you from feeling safe and comfortable enough to stop eating on your own, which inhibits your ability to lose weight naturally and get thinner. If you can’t love your body now, despite how it looks, love it for its function.

Realize that  your stomach may be flabby but without it you wouldn’t be able to enjoy eating wonderful food. You wouldn’t be able to digest that food and feel nourished. That’s your stomach.

Remember that those legs that you profess to hate, carry you around all day, every day, maybe you use them to run, or walk or stand and water your plants. No matter how difficult it may be to like what you see, remember that they keep you solidly grounded and moving through life. Those are your legs.

Keep in mind that those arms that you may call, “batwings” are the same ones that may have held your first child, embraced your lover, given and received many wonderful bear hugs. Those are your arms.

Today begin to appreciate and thank each and every one of your body parts for its resiliency, function and loyalty. It’s always been there for you, and never abandoned you. Isn’t it time that you showed it a little love in return?

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