Are you a frazzled and frustrated working mom struggling with weight because you can’t seem to get your mind off of food? Don’t blame yourself and don’t call yourself weak or undisciplined. It may feel like the cookies in your cabinet are calling your name, when those craves hit, but it’s not always your body’s physiological need for food that’s pushing your hungry buttons. It’s the stress in your life. You don’t need to obsess about cleaning up your eating, you may just need to clean up your clutter.

IStock_000015102480Small Are you a frazzled and frustrated working mom who can’t seem to get her mind off of food?

Despite what you may think, the source of the problem isn’t a lack of will power on your part.

It may feel like it’s all your fault and you have no self-discipline when the cookies in your cabinet are calling your name, but it’s not your body’s physiological need for food that’s pushing your hungry buttons. It’s the stress in your life.

When you work out of your home, there are endless possibilities to get sidetracked. A lot of people feel uneasy around clutter and it shuts them down and inhibits their creativity.

My Clutter Story

When I was a kid there was a lot of chaos in my home. Toys were everywhere. Furniture needed dusting. Clothes were piled up in the hamper, The kitchen counter was filled with clutter. Papers and books were everywhere. All things that are the enemy of neatness were all too familiar to me.

Sadly my mom, for whatever reason didn’t carry the neatness gene and it didn’t get passed on to me. For years my house was often pretty disorganized. As I got older and spent more time with my Nana and step mother, I realized the value of a clean house. I also noticed that my tendency toward messiness really fed my need to feed.

Years later, as an act of self preservation and self respect, I learned to place a higher value on being neat and getting organized. For some people what they call ‘ordered confusion’ works for them, but you know you’ve crosssed a line when your ‘ordered confusion’ inhibits you from feeling good about yourself and your space. That’s when you’re not showing yourself enough love.

Many of my clients have told me that in addition to struggling with excess weight, they also have years of clutter to sift through which makes them depressed. They start a job and before they know it, they’re feeling frustrated, wanting to raid the fridge to ‘take the edge off.’ Getting overwhelmed is a big reason why we eat when we’re not hungry. Here are some of my quick tips for making it all a bit easier:

Chunk it down Cleaning up and out can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be. You can tackle any tough job by breaking it down into bite-sized bits. I like to do what I call nearly effortless cleaning. I watch TV in a room where I want to clean or declutter and during each commercial break, I do a quick bit of cleaning or tidying up. If you do this while watching a movie or DVD, just put your movie on pause about every 10 minutes.

Handle Your Bug ’ems Before they get out of hand  Let your body guide you by looking for the cringe factor. Ask yourself, “What is it that I can do now that will make an immediate difference in how I feel? For me, I despise vacuuming, and yet I have an allergy condition and a kittie cat who sheds and yet loves to sit on my desk and watch me write.  476 He even commandeers my desk chair when I’m not around. To keep the dander under control, I always have a lint roller on hand and I just vacuum more often. No matter what you do to repress your allergies, it doesn’t substitute the benefit of taking action.

When I was a child, there used to be a game on TV called, “Beat the Clock.” In the game, people would run around the do specific tasks before a buzzer went off. They had to beat the clock. I used to love it and I’ve used it as the inspiration to do many things in my life. Oftentimes when we don’t like to do tasks, we drag them out and it seems like they’ll never get done. My suggestion is set a timer and decide how long you want to do something and do it. You’d be surprised how much can get done in 5 minutes, heck, even in one minute.

As a variation to Beat the Clock, I like to relax and watch TV and during the commercials do something that needs to get done; vacuuming, reading, writing a report, prepping a meal, cleaning, the possibilities are endless. Be creative.

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts. What do you think? Do you find that clutter fuels your need to feed?

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