Is Depression affecting your life in some way? Are you or is someone you know depressed? That is a very painful situation.  I know. My mother is a woman who is often in a sad state.

She suffers from Bipolar Disorder and frequently is in the midst of a depression.  I’ve tried for years to attempt to guide or control her and finally I realized that I just had to let it go and have faith in her and her own abilities to make choices.  That was a bitter pill to swallow.

There’s a part of me that struggles with this concept.  However, I believe deep down in my heart that at some point people make choices. In order to remain in a state of depression, you have to follow certain rules. Yessirree, there is a strategy.

I could be wrong but these seem to be on the do list for those seeking to be depressed.

1. Don’t leave the house
2. Never ask for anything
3. Don’t’ smile
4. Keep your head down low
5. Think about things that make you feel sad
6. Hunch your back and slump your shoulders
7. Blame everyone for everything
8. Don’t talk to people
9. Stay away from laughter, happiness and joy
10. Don’t consider that you have any needs

That’s right.  I said seeking to be depressed.  We make choices.  You can decide how you want to feel.  If I’m angry with my husband for some silly thing I can either choose to hold a grudge for an hour, a day, a week, a year or a lifetime.

We make the decisions as to how we want to feel. Our thoughts are powerful enough to change and heal our bodies.  I’ve seen time and time again how a change in thinking has led to a miracle recovery or a spontaneous illness.  The decision is up to you!

I don’t know about you but I have come to value my time and my life too highly to spend it frivolously.  I can only wish that I could recover all the time spent on wasted energy feeling sorry for myself, playing the pity game, being angry and withholding forgiveness.  Life is too darned short to waste it.  The pain that you hold in your heart will be reflected in everything that you see, do and feel. Now I choose to embrace the sun.  How about you?