Come and get it! Step right up and get your fresh squeezed juicy morsels here.  There’s 52 of them, one for each week.  Just fill out the opt in form and you’ll get these juicy tips delivered still piping hot right to your email box each Saturday.  That’s right, you get me, The Juicy Woman spreading my fairy dust on you and shaking up your day so that you can have more fun, laugh and smile more while putting the pucker back in your relationships and add more juice to every day.

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Take A One Minute Vacation…

The best way to savor these morsels is to consume them slowly.  When you see each tip arrive, I’d like to suggest that you take one of those one minute vacations and carve out some quiet, private time, you know put your feet up, close your eyes, imagine you are in a lovely place, perhaps reclining on a hammock looking at your garden. Allow my voice to gently guide you on an adventure. Some adventures will be very familiar while others will be more foreign.

Weed Out Your Garden

As you hear each tip, you may become aware of some of the weeds that are choking your garden.  These are parts of your life that prevent you from having more joy.  It’s important to become aware of them and recognize them so that you can make a choice to let them go or stay with them.  Some of their names are anger, fear, pain, resentment, sadness and a host of others.

Expand Your Thinking

These tips were very strategically chosen with a very definite outcome in mind.  In order for you to have more joy and love in your life, you have to let go of the fears that hold you back. They are meant to push you, expand your thinking, to get you to go to the edge.  They are not always going to be comfortable.  Their purpose is to jog you into a higher level of consciousness, you will increase your awareness day by day, become less judgmental, more loving and feel more grateful for yourself and everyone and everything in your life.

Be Proactive

Pay close attention to how each tip inspires you to feel, do your best to take the action steps suggested after each tip.  You are not alone.  Each Monday, I have coordinated the Juicy Woman Party Call to specifically address the weeds that you might encounter.  Using powerful energetic release techniques you will have a team of support to drive you to the next level.  As you progress through the tips and take the action steps you will squeeze all the goodness out of every day and you’ll find that your life will just keep on getting juicier, and juicier and juicier.

Listen to the first of your hot juicy morsels to add more zest to every day.  Click the link below.

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