Over the past 81 days, I’ve been leading a team of professionals in creating information products in an amazing program called, “The 90 Day Product Factory.” (If you’re looking to create a killer information product in less than 90 days with a team of support, networking and a deadline, then it’s for you!) As a team leader and a repeat participant, I can’t say enough about it.

I’ve learned so much by having had the opportunity to lead 25 people from around the world, get to know them, learn about their businesses as I supported them in creating a unique product that will capture the hearts of their clients. It’s definitely kept me pretty busy but all the while you, Juicy Woman have been in my heart and thoughts all the while. That’s why I’ve been stirring up something special just for all you stay at home working Moms. Stay tuned for more on The Slim and Savvy Club coming  later this month. If you can’t wait, shoot me an email at andrea@thejuicywoman.com