• Does it feel like your self esteem is sometimes hanging by a thread?
  • Do you wish that you could end all the crazy diet-y clamor in your head and just feel comfortable with your body and not worry about every morsel you eat?You are so not alone.

    Most women spend their day obsessing and worrying about their bodies and try desperately to change themselves through diet, deprivation and exercise. But more will power isn’t the answer. It’s not what you’re eating. It’s what’s eating you! Stress is the weight gain drug which actually could be keeping you fat. Could you be on overload?


So jazzed I’m going to be on TV again. This morning I’m off to the Bronx to join host, Rhina Valentin on her show, BronxNet Open. Here’s some of what we’ll be discussing:

Why diets don’t work
Your weight is not the problem. It’s a symptom.
How and why trash talking your body is going to bite you in the butt and keep it growing.
Why we tend to stand in our own way and how to get past those fears.

Rhina’s show, “OPEN” is a live, call-in television program featuring in-studio discussions with/and demonstrations by guest experts, as well as highlight stories produced on location.

The program is cablecast onBronxNet, Channel 67, on the Cablevision system, in the borough of the Bronx. “OPEN” is cablecast live on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, with repeat cablecasts each of those nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

If you are not on the Cablevision system, don’t worry. As soon as I get a copy of the DVD, I’ll post it on my website.

If you are in the broadcast area, I’d love to have you tune in.

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