Several months ago I looked in the mirror and noticed that on my forehead I had a little white bump. At first I thought nothing of it. After all it might have always been there. I’m not a very visually observant person. My special talent is in my ability to listen. Anyway, I found myself each morning, checking the mirror to see what was happening with it.

After several weeks of this silly behavior, it should be no surprise to discover that the one little white bump had a friend tagging along. Now I had two little white bumps on my forehead.

Never before concerned with getting older, I wondered if maybe these white bumps were signs of early aging. I started looking for white bumps everywhere. Whenever I saw women of my age, 45 on the screen or face to face, I checked their foreheads looking for white bumps on them. One day, consumed with this new upset, I decided to do an internet search and found out what these bumps were. Milia. Now they had a name. More energy invested in them. Bumps, bumps, bumps. It was all I could think about. Then one day I shared this new obsession of getting older with my EFT tapping buddy. I told her about my concerns about aging and my fear that those little white bumps were my passport to an early grave.

After a few rounds of tapping, I felt completely differently about those little white bumps. My freak out melt down had faded completely. Life went on with a new realization that it was time to redefine “beauty” for myself. Above the sofa in my office, I have a wall filled with old sepia framed photos of my grandmother. As I scrutinized the photos of my Nana, throughout many different stages in her life, I remembered that I always considered my Nana beautiful, no matter what age or weight she was. Maybe I wasn’t obsessing about my thighs, but I had cleverly found another distraction that kept me from loving and accepting myself. I saw the silly game that I was playing and realized it was hurting me.

How about you? What’s got your attention lately? What games are you playing with yourself? Are you obsessed about the size or shape of your thighs or are you pinned to the mirror bent on finding your flaws? None of us are perfect and we’re all getting older. Yet that doesn’t mean that we can’t retain our youthful essence and beauty. I’ve learned that the more that you focus on things you don’t want, you get more of them. So what are you willing to focus on today? Share a comment and let us know your new definition of beauty. Mine’s gotten a real makeover. It now includes little white bumps, lumps, bulges and all.

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