What’s the unlikeliest setting you can think of for a weight-loss program? I’m betting that a restaurant chock-full of delicious temptations would be right up near the top of every weight watchin’ gal’s list. Well, that’s exactly where we will hold several of our weekly Mindful Munchins weight loss coaching sessions. Beginning on Thursday, May 24, in the Hudson Valley area of New York, a group of 6 lucky women will be able to gather together for 8 weeks and go restaurant hopping as they learn how to lose weight without dieting.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we are meeting in a restaurant. Because, during this particular program, you will be treating yourself to all those scrumptious foods you love to eat, but normally avoid like poison. That’s right, it’s time to unshackle your taste buds—they’re going to a party!

Soon you will be able to read a detailed explanation of what is covered in each of the eight weekly sessions by clicking on the webpage.

In a nutshell, I’ve decided to take the best of the best of all the benefits and goodies that my Losing Weight without Dieting teleclass grads have come to expect and bumping them up a notch by taking the program live and bringing you right into the action. Feel the feelings, taste the food, bask in the aromas.

In this program, you’ll experience in real time all the feelings that crop up when food is abundant, you’ll be instantly associated to all food related memories that have in the past taunted you mercilessly. By using a killer combination of a variety of techniques including EFT, NLP and Intuitive Eating, you will learn to reclaim total power over all foods. Make peace with yourself and learn that you truly can trust yourself around any lurking temptations. With the buddy support of other caring women, you’re going to address the root causes of your past eating behaviors and tame those old meanies that have left you constantly hungry for more. Get ready to soar beyond the place where no diet program has ever dared taken you before! You’ve just entered the Twilight Zone.

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