Every year at Thanksgiving I take it upon myself to prepare stuffing the way my Nana used to, simple bread stuffing with celery and onions sautéed with thyme and fresh butter.

In my former Weight Watchers days, when I was calculating points, I knew that ½ cup was equivalent to 4 points, so I set aside a cup and half and allotted myself those 12 points for my precious stuffing.

Since I’m no longer the dieting diva I once was, I no longer fear food, so I always eat exactly what I want, when I want. Now unfortunately stuffing is not such a big deal anymore because I can make it anytime throughout the year.

As it so happened, I forgot that my stuffing was in the oven and it had dried out. It looked  more like stuffing hard tack than Nana’s rich and buttery delicious stuffing in a beautiful casserole dish.

Don’t ask me why but someone put it on the table anyway. My son said to me, Mom, you love stuffing so much. Why don’t you try it? I told him, “Bleech, that looks terrible. It’s so dried out. He said, Yes, but it’s still so good. Try it.

I took a micro dot of it and put it on my fork and realized that it was still tasty but the texture was awful, definitely not what I was used to. If company was not around, I would have taken my napkin and discreetly spit it out. Rather I swallowed those few hard, crusty bits of bread, and put my fork down quickly. Then without a second thought to my stuffing loss, I continued to enjoy my wonderful carrot-flecked mashed potatoes with my home made turkey gravy. I just won’t eat something if I don’t love it. Will you? Share your thoughts with me and let me know what you would have done.

Will you eat something that you don’t absolutely love?