I’ll admit. This is a purely indulgent post. I’m musing over my newly found kitty, Oreo Cookie. The following story is just a little slice of my life. For more of the goodies that I teach, you may want to read my other information packed posts. For now, if you are a cat lover, like me, sit back and enjoy this one. I’ll be periodically updating this blog with an Oreo Bite Sized Snack bit now and again.

Over the past few months I’ve been on a bit of a personal quest. It started when my husband and daughter began feeding this cat who came to our back door a few nights out of the week. Then a short while later, I noticed something special about this cat and fell deeply, madly and passionately in love with him.

I used to be what you would call a cat person. When I was young, my dad bred Russian Blues. I remember them so well. They were regal and beautiful, Nikita, Anyeska and Natasha. Then in later years, before I met my husband, Angel I had found a calico marked Domestic Short Hair cat and adopted her. I named her Natasha. When I brought her to the vet for a check up, I was told that she was going to have kittens. The day that Natasha had her kittens I watched her give birth in a closet in my apartment with a mixture of awe and amazement.

Following that momentous event, I had 5 kittens and one mama cat. Eventually I found homes for three of the babies. That left me with Natasha, also called Mama, Luicpurr, prounounced Lucy Purr, (my little boy cat) and Tiddleywinks (his impish sister), also called Mimi.

Yessirre. You could call me a cat person. I loved them. They were everywhere. When I met my husband, Angel I think he suffered from kitty culture shock. He was not as wildly in love with them as me. He made it pretty clear that he wasn’t that fond of cats.

When I became pregnant, Angel convinced me that it was best for the baby to find new homes for the cats since they could accidentally scratch or bite our son.

We found homes for all of them and as soon as PT was born, I noticed that I had become severely allergic to animals.

Wherever I went where there were animals in my presence I suffered. I used over the counter remedies and prescriptions, it was the same. My face blew up, my body covered with itchy hives and my throat and ears began to close, my eyes itched and teared and my nose ran.  I became afraid of animals for fear of the severe discomfort that I endured around them.

Soon after I first learned EFT, back in January of 2005, I was visiting my step daughter, Janelle and without thinking I reached out my hand to pet her dog, Phantom. Then thoughtlessly I scratched my eye. Instantly it was like needles being plunged into my eyes.

I used EFT and within a few minutes, all was under control. The itching had subsided, the swelling reduced and I felt much better, yet still I avoided animals for fear of the pain.

Then suddenly all bets were off when this little fellow touched my heart. From the moment that I took him to the vet one morning, I was hooked.

We suspect that he is someone’s pet and that the owner lets him out and he roams. Today we decided that we have to see if some loving soul comes forward to claim him. My daughter, Cara, my son, PT and I are passionately hoping that noone steps forward. We’re secretly using the Law of Attraction and Visualization Methods to keep him with us or at least to find an owner nearby who would be willing to share him as we now enjoy his company. Unfortunately my husband, Angel does not share our zeal for keeping and officially adopting and maintaining Oreo as a pet. So I’m sending it out into the universe. I want to be able to enjoy the benefits of having Oreo Cookie here and know that we can share him with another loving owner. That’s what I want!

Oh I’m in such a quandary. Right now Oreo comes and goes and stays overnight. Sometimes my allergies act up and other times I’m fine. I’ve decided to stop tapping and just let the power of the intention of my love for him carry me through without the misery of any allergic reactions. Sometimes it works, now my eyes are a bit twitchy and itchy. I’ve just invested in a top of the line Oreck vacuum cleaner. More than that, my heart is fully and completely invested.

I’m sorry about the rambling. I just wanted to touch base with other cat lovers and get some feedback. My heart is breaking. I haven’t let another pet into my life for nearly 20 years but this little guy has stolen my heart. Help me! I’m smitten!

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