OMG I’m so jazzed. I love this event. Just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that registration for the 2013 Tapping World  Summit is officially open.

I Want More Emotional Freedom

It’s 100% content, all designed to help you get results…and the entire
10 days of the event are free.

This is the best possible place for you to learn exactly how to use Tapping for a variety of different issues. From food and health issues to heartache to feelings of scarcity and not good enough. EFT can handle it all, big to small.

Since this is the 5th year in the row that it’s being held, I wonder how many people will be there this year. Last year there were over 500,000 people who registered.

There’s a reason why the event keeps growing from year to year…it’s because
Tapping works!  –on everything. No kidding.

And since this event only happens once per year…you want to make sure to check it out right away so you can learn how to use Tapping in your life.

I Want More Emotional Freedom In My Life

After all, if you could learn a technique that could drastically improve your life and you could learn how to do it for free…wouldn’t you want to?

Hope to see you there at the summit,

Much love,


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