If you want to feel better about anything in your life, you have to change the way that you think about it. Remember, your body’s listening. In your body, you have chemical messengers that tell your brain how you will feel about the thoughts that you think. These are called neuropeptides.

Based on the quality of your thoughts, your body responds to the messages. Whenever we think a thought or speak a word that is hurtful or negative, the chemicals that are produced in your body suppress your immune system and eventually you will get sick. If you continually reinforce the message, I’m fat and I’ll never change, your body listens and will manifest that too. Instead you can say, “Every day I’m making more progress and moving closer and closer to my natural comfortable weight.”

Image01 Lisa Bonnice is the author of a book called Shape Shifting: Reclaiming Your Perfect Body. She’s an example of a woman who has been successful in using the principles of the law of attraction to shift her shape and become thinner without dieting.

In a live interview of the show, ”Virtual Light Broadcast,” Lisa shared that she was never really a heavy woman. As she got older, all of a sudden she started to gain weight and one day realized that she was not going to be able to stop the pounds from continuing to creep up, unless she did something about it.

She had an insight and realized that she could use metaphysical/spiritual principles to start improving her life in general and she decided that she would also apply those same principles to her weight.

She looked all over to find a book that would give her the information she needed to know how to do that, but because it wasn’t yet written she couldn’t find the book anywhere. So she decided to write one herself.

During the year and a half that she spent writing the book, she found that her body was getting thinner and reshaping. Along the way, she kept notes to find out for herself and share with her readers how she did it. By the time that the book was finished, she had lost 50 pounds.

In discussing her body with Janelle, Lisa describes herself as a work in progress and acknowledges that she still has some issues to work out, but her journey taught her that the most important thing is to be okay exactly how you are. She says, “if I still am at my original weight, I’m still okay, I’m still a being of light and all that good stuff. And I am a powerful creator. I created my life. I created this body and that I am a piece of God. If I am over 200 pounds at 5’2”, then that’s fine.”


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