Scientists have isolated neuro transmitters in the brain which are the chemical messengers of thought in our bodies. These chemical thought agents are present in all of our organs.  Your mind and your body is in a constant running dialog with one another. Have you ever stopped to wonder where those messages are coming from or what is being said?

Most people who are emotional eaters walk around with a headful of negative self talk that presupposes foods are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’, and that if you eat ‘good’ foods, you are being ‘good’, and if you eat, ‘bad’ foods you lack discipline. Extremist thinking like this is the norm for the emotional eater. There is so much judgment, fear, negative and disempowering beliefs connected with food and the act of eating. We feel ashamed of wanting, guilty for overeating and fearful of losing control. Food has become fraught with huge emotional burdens.

You see a food, and that leads to thinking about it, wanting it and then you automatically make a judgment of whether or not you should be eating that food. Maybe you tell youself, “I can’t eat. It will make me fat, or I can’t eat just one, I’ll never stop.”

If you’ve been criticized in your past, there is a good chance that now you beat up on yourself, in an attempt to change the way you do things. Yet being so hard on yourself is not an effective method of creating personal change. As a result, of constantly focusing on your challenges, you end up hating and resenting your body.

These negative messages become self fulfilling prophecies that lead us to manifest the things we fear most.

When you tell yourself that your arms are fat and ugly and saggy, your arms take that as a command and move you to take action to manifest that image. You’ll do the things necessary to make that a reality. In this case, you’ll find that you will have a very negative perspective on being active, have no control around food and act out the part of being extremely lethargic and frustrated.

If you are a woman struggling with emotional eating, trying to lose weight, it’s imperative to start to become aware of how often you bad mouth or ‘should’ on yourself and find new ways of communicating what you want. Just for today, notice how often you slam yourself and say mean things about your body, related to the way you look, how you eat, your size, your weight, the clothes you wear and any other aspect or element of your relationship to food. Make a list of those things and in tomorrow’s post, I’ll share a simple method that you can use to silence that nasty internal critic.

Scientists have isolated neurotransmitters in the brain, the chemical messengers of thought in the body. These are present in all of our organs, showing that our bodies and mind exchange messages and commands with one another on a consistent basis. If you’re an emotional eater, you are engaging in negative conversations around your body, your shape, weight, amount of food you eat and other aspects related to your relationship with food. These negative statements you make become self fulfilling prophecies, which continue to recreate the conditions that keep you stuck in a pattern of being overweight.

The first step to changing this and breaking the pattern, is to become aware of its presence.

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