Last week on one of my Losing Weight Without Dieting calls, one of my clients asked me this question:

“Can you tap in a positive suggestion to reprogram your subconscious mind?”

The answer is: Absolutely Yes. You can.

Here is an example as taught by Dr. Patricia Carrington on Gary Craig’s, “EFT Specialty Series 2 on DVD, Patricia Carrington on Using EFT With The Choices Method.”By the way, if you want to learn some of the finer points of how to use EFT, I highly recommend checking this out.”

Say  your positive statement as you tap on the karate chop point of your hand or massage your sore spot. When you do that, you are putting yourself in a light state of trance. That means that your subconscious mind is open to receiving new suggestions. That is a great time to fill yourself up with positive thoughts.

Some simple examples are as follows:

•    I am feeling great. At this very moment, I am excited and it is easy for me to choose to feel this way

•    I love to learn and use my new ideas to improve my life. I’m making a choice to nurture myself in new ways every day

•    I’m learning how to listen to my body and eat what I want as I lose weight naturally

•    Every day in every way, I’m becoming slimmer and slimmer

•    Every food that I eat helps me to lose weight and feel great

You’ll notice as you do this tapping more and more, you will feel better, eat less and be on a more even keel throughout the day. Try it and see.

I’d be tickled pink to find out how this worked for you. Make it a sparkling day. Bye for now, Juicy Woman.

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