Last year I participated in an amazing program called The Certified Energy Coach Program. In that program, I learned a ton of great tools that have quantum leaped my clients’ progress. I love the program and passionately use everything I’ve learned there.

One of the processes that I learned was called The TAT Process. That’s a simple and effective technique of holding certain acupressure points on the body that correspond to Energy Pathways, also called Meridians.

These pathways become blocked as we progress through our lives dealing with trauma, experiencing pain and encountering toxins and all forms of negative energy, animal, vegetable and mineral based.

I love this process. Soon after I learned it last year,  my daughter, Cara came to me complaining of a sore throat.

Being a loving and devoted mom, I reconciled myself to the fact that it was probably best for all concerned to keep Cara home that day.

In moments, I visually mapped out a strategy in my head that included plying her with tea and honey and doing all the mommy things that we moms do to make our little girl’s aches and pains subside so that they can eventually heal by themselves.

  • I wondered.
  • Could I do more?
  • Was there more that I could offer her beyond TLC and tea with honey?

Curious and wanting to test out the process, I asked Cara if she would be willing to try something new with me. She’s my little energy coaching model and I typically test out all processes on her once I’m convinced that they are safe.

With a glum little expression in her lovely brown eyes, Cara weakly nodded her consent. I asked her to lie down on my sectional sofa in my office, propped up her head with pillows, and placed my hands on the back of her neck and forehead.

We began the process. As I led her through the visualization portion of the technique, she visibly changed, her energy shifted, her lovely face pinkened again and her voice became stronger, healthier and filled with her natural resonance.

Within about half an hour, Cara was hugging me and singing, joyfully, chanting, “Mom, this is amazing. I feel so good.  I really want to go to school today.” I feel great. I can’t believe it.”

That was my first real awareness that this stuff works!!!

Since then I’ve been using it and sharing it with my clients for everything from releasing nightmares, to handling memories of rape and trauma to getting over a simple cold.

Now I use it as part of my protocol for my program on Losing Weight Without Dieting. The women love it.

If you’d like to know more, then email me at I would encourage you to contact me and I’ll tell you all about TAT or any other energy technique that I have up my sleeve that is guaranteed to work miracles for you!  Email me and we’ll find a solution that’s perfect for you!

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