As you may be able to tell from the previous post, I’m no expert at video. Truth be told, this is my first digitized video ever. My daughter,Cara shot the video a few weeks ago. It may not be the highest quality picture but the feelings conveyed are crystal clear. I’m about to make a really big deal out of thanking everyone for helping me with this effort. This endeavor is deeply meaningful to me for many reasons. I’ll share more over the course of the journalling. For now, I’d like to express my gratitude.

A big thanks to my dad for the wonderful gift of the great camcorder and to the fellows at Sony for sticking with me through the afternoon while editing the video. A huge and sincere thanks and a ton of gratitude goes to a colleague of mine, Lou Bortone, the Online Video Guy. With Lou’s help, he taught me how to get my first video up on Youtube in just a few minutes. Thank you, Lou.

A special thanks goes to Milana Leshinsky, one of my brilliant coaches and mentors. Milana, thank you for inspiring me to create an online video journal and put my story on my blog. My sincere hope is that my ups and downs will serve as inspiration to so many women who struggle with their weight. Losing weight really is an inside job and it starts with loving ourselves now and I’m out to prove it by example.

A very special thank you goes out to my wonderful tapping buddy, Joan. Without your encouragement and support, it wouldn’t feel safe sharing my life with others. Thank you for connecting me so deeply to my purpose to want to share and help women to overcome self hatred of their bodies and embrace their amazing gifts with love and compassion. I’m truly blessed to know you.

A deep debt of gratitude goes to several of my beloved Juicy Women, who have also inspired me to move forward and jump from behind the curtain and share my own process and journey in losing weight without dieting.

I love you gals. You know who you are, Linda, Deb, JoAnn, Jo, Carmen, Janelle, Shari, Jolene, Ashley, Peggy, Sr. PatriciaMary, Dawn, Christine. Edy, Susan, Shirley, Jody, Anisa, Jo Ann, Sharon, Karen, Jody. You gals, rock!

Thank you Brady and Doc Frost, my brilliant Mastermind buddies always pushing me forward. You guys inspire me.

Thank you, Wayne Kelly, The Radio Guy and founder of On Air Publicity, the best media training anywhere. If it weren’t for you and all my buddies at On Air Training, I would be all tongue tied. Thank you for endowing me with the belief that I can lead with my passion, share my message by connecting with my heart. I love you!

Michael Port and Mitch Meyerson, you guys are my rock! You taught me everything I know about marketing. Thank you for leading me to find my passion, reach out and touch the hearts of those who need me. You guys are the wind beneath my wings!

Lisa Wilder, thank you for helping me to hone in on my passion and to put it into words with meaning.

Jana Stanfield, my mentor and friend, God bless you for writing your beautiful song, “If I Were Brave” It was the power behind the beautiful music of yours that has moved me to take those baby steps and discover my mission to reach out and help other women love themselves.


A big huge thank you to my better half, my assistant, Jan Beasley. Thank you for helping to really bump up the Juicy volume with your caring, precision and techspertise.

The biggest thank you goes to my family, Angel, PT and Cara, Nana, Mom, Rosie, Luz, David, Janelle, Lucy, Angelica and Aiden. Without you all, I wouldn’t know how to love.

Whew! This hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it!

Similar to weight loss, I can tell this is going to be a learning process, requiring trial and error and patience. I have no doubt I’ll get it right once and for all. That’s my mission to share what I learn with you, Juicy Woman.

Well you haven’t seen the last of me. In fact, you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of me because I’ve got a ton of inspiration and love to share with you.

I’m ready to begin my video journal and invite you into my world as both Andrea Amador and The Juicy Woman. Most of all, as just a gal like you on the road to self acceptance, love and compassion as I take steps along with my clients to lose weight without dieting.