When I first decided that I would become an Intuitive Eater, I was thrilled beyond words at the prospect of being able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it.

With the only guideline being to wait until I got hungry, I had carte blanche to eat all the time, or so I thought.

As a Certified Energy Coach, I had a whole bag of tricks that I had used in the past and taught other women to use successfully to eliminate cravings, but I decided to set that aside to test out this amazing process. So there I was, just a gal, face to face alone with food for what seemed like the first time. The difference was that I was actually giving myself permission to eat whatever I wanted to whenever I was hungry and naturally I would stop when I was full, LOL!

As the first few weeks passed, I noticed that although my clothes were getting tighter, I was developing an incredible ability to discriminate around food. Meals and treats that I used to love were now losing their allure for me. All of a sudden things seemed too, too for me. I was now sensitive to new flavor nuances, too sweet, too salty, too crisp, too sour, too hot or cold, etc. I was beginning to see changes in the way that I thought about food. I was enjoying this new ability to discriminate. I was even starting to think that I could really like this and live with it forever.

Although I was enjoying many positive changes, I still noticed that it seemed that my stomach was always indicating it was hungry. One day in particular, I remember that I was eating nearly every hour around the clock.

Then one day I did a local seminar sharing with a group of women my insights about this process and one of them told me about a program called The Bonios Plan: Beyond Dieting.

This program was developed by a doctor named Nancy Bonios. I bought the program and was tickled to discover that Dr. Nancy was really onto something powerful. She had done a ton of research in the field of mind/body medicine and recognized that link between our thoughts and our ability to lose weight. In addition she delved deeply into the physical aspects of how the body reacts to hunger. I can’t recommend this program highly enough! It rocks!

The Bonios Plan: Beyond Dieting includes one video of Nancy discussing the plan with a group of women and 8 audio cassette tapes and a handbook. I love that Dr. Nancy has explored this whole process of Intuitive Eating in a really concrete way. As I sat and watched her video, she discussed how our bodies run out of fuel after several hours without eating, then you feel hungry. It shocked me when she mentioned that after a typical meal, our bodies are physically satisfied for between 5-9 hours.

That’s when I realized what was going on with me and probably many other women. That feeling of urgency around eating was not a push to satisfy my physical hunger, it was to quell the yearnings in a deeper part of me, my spirit was aching for nourishment and having this amount of freedom around food, scared the bejesus out of me. That’s when I knew that Intuitive Eating wasn’t strong enough for me to handle my distortions around food. I surveyed my clients and offered to teach them what I was learning. That spurred me to create the Losing Weight without Dieting Program.

Since then I have run the program 4 times, each series is better than the last. The women love knowing that they can control themselves around food and change their eating. More than a weight loss program, I consider this a method of healing the hungry hearts that we have within us. The weight loss is a by product of a changed life and living life as a more fulfilled woman. Recently one of my clients from my first program wrote to me and told me that she had lost 17 pounds by using the techniques that I teach in the program.

If you’re curious how this all works and want to know more, then join a free introductory call to showcase my Losing Weight without Dieting Program and you’ll get to ask questions of several of my clients and find out if this could really help you too. Email me at andrea@thejuicywoman.com for more details.

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