IMG_0665 As you may have heard, I’m taking steps to get covered in national media, TV, radio, print. My message of empowerment for women and kids is way too big to be kept small any longer. As a sexual abuse survivor, and body image/self esteem expert, I’m here to say that, “No woman or girl should ever be afraid of food or hate her body again!” And it’s up to me a big, beautiful plus sized gal to convey that message with authenticity and power, because it just won’t fly coming off the lips of a micro mini-stuck in the box, formally credentialed expert, so I’ve decided it’s time to come out of the closet, so to speak.

To do that, I’ve realized the need to find role models, people who have a passion for doing what they do, who can help me do the same.

Last year I took a media training course with Wayne Kelly, Media training coach, extraordinaire. In the process, I met a gal named Sally Shields, also known as the Mother-In-Law Manager, author of the book, “The Daughter In Law Rules” By some coincidence, Sally and I are actually neighbors, living a few minutes apart. After meeting one day for lunch, we decided that we are a great team and decided to be buddies. Our plan is to take the media by storm and promote our work to empower women.

It turns out that we are a mutual admiration society for each other and Sally said the only difference between us is that I haven’t finished my book. So she challenged me to get it done and thanks to her inspiration, I am so close.

Sally wrote her first book, “The Daughter-In-Law Rules” and is busy promoting it.
Last week I attended her book signing at my local Barnes and Nobles. I left newly inspired, now knowing exactly how to square a deal with Barnes and Nobles to do a book signing. Sally has inspired me to get to work, finish up my book so that I can take advantage of all the media ops that she’s found as an author. Today she’s doing her first National TV appearance on The Daily Buzz. I’m so happy for her, I’m positively beaming.

Why am I telling you this?

When Wayne first told me about Sally and showed me her site, I’ll admit that I was so jealous I could spit. All those old, ugly fears of not being good enough, smart enough and ambitious enough flew around in my head. I compared her level of ambition with mine and I came up short. After a day of hanging my head low, feeling sorry for myself, and being a couch potato, I decided to take the bull by the horns, ask for help and find out what Sally was doing differently that was working for her.

I sent her an email, expressing my appreciation of her work and her progress and telling her that I was a bit envious and wanted to know her secrets. From that point of being honest and vulnerable, expressing appreciation and sharing what I needed; a friendship has developed between us. Now Sally’s my bud and we spur each other on in our quest to stake out media to spread our messages.

How about you? Is there something that you want that you don ‘t yet have? Something that you’ve seen somewhere or with someone else? Is it more money, more confidence, a better quality rapport with family, more joy? It could be anything. No  matter what. Seize the day and ask for what you need. Odds are good, you’ll get it!

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