Are you a woman who is overweight and feeling uncomfortable in your body? Does that bad feeling cause you to hide and stay away from other people, avoiding relationships and keep to yourself? It’s understandable that you would think logically that would be a solution to feeling badly but it’s not.

By continually staying home and hiding, you are damaging your self esteem and reinforcing a negative body image. If you want to feel better, it is helpful to spend time around people who love and support you.

According to Virginia Satir, the well loved, highly respected and world renowned pioneer of family therapy, she noted that there are certain behaviors that people with a high self esteem share in common.

Virginia Satir was a therapist, author and speaker who brought the importance of true communication to light.  She is considered to be a living legend in her work and writing.  In fact, an entire discipline of psychology called Neuro Linguistic Programing was virtually founded in an effort by other psychologists to study her work and contributions.

She discovered that everyone has a need to feel connected. Her findings showed that the extent of a person’s ability to feel loved and connected was based on certain internalized rules of social behavior that they believed to be true.

She developed what was called the Hug Prescription. Her Hug Prescription is very simple. Basically you just hug people more. It doesn’t matter if you initiate the hug or if it comes from them, the benefits to you are the same. Your self esteem will soar.

Watch your life transform!

It is as follows:

Hug Prescription


4 Hugs for Survival
8 Hugs for Maintenance
12 Hugs for Growth

Add more juice to your life by taking this hug prescription and using it liberally with all of your friends, family and loved ones.  Take a chance and use it wherever you feel it will do the most good.  You’d be surprised how open and willing people are to receiving love and affection.

If you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, offer to give someone a hug and watch the magic happen!

Leave a comment and let me know how it works for you!

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