Last week I was approached by one of my new clients. We’ll call her Barbara. She said, “Andrea, I can’t believe this Losing Weight Without Dieting Program can ever work for me. I’ve tried nearly every diet and over the past twenty years, I’ve had nothing but failures.” I even did hypnosis for a year and watched enviously as all my other friends melted down to their ideal weight, I only lost 7 pounds in one year. I’m doomed to failure.”

As I listened to Barbara, I heard so many things beyond what she was telling me. For the most part, it seemed that she had begun to think of herself as a ‘fat woman’ and despite all attempts at dieting and hypnosis, nothing worked for her.

Has this ever happened to you? It’s so common and incredibly frustrating but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. By changing the way that you see yourself, you can get thinner without dieting. The following exercise is called The Temporal Tap and it was actually used by Gary Craig, the creator of Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. This is the exercise that Gary credits to his 40 pound weight loss without dieting.

As you hold an affirmation in your mind, tap along the channel where your ear meets the side of your head. This is the place where you wash behind your ears.

You begin to tap with your fingers lightly along this channel, tapping from the top of the ears to the bottom. Repeat this tapping pattern 3 times. The purpose of this is to install a new memory or image of what you want and imprint that on your subconscious mind, flooding your mind with pictures of your desired outcome.

Here’s an example that worked for Gary Craig when he decided that he wanted to lose weight easily without the pain of dieting. Several times a day, he repeated a statement like this:

Today I do everything my body needs to weigh 160 pounds or less.

As you consider what you want to say, remember to keep it positive and in the present tense. You are informing your subconscious mind that this is a fact now.

You can either choose to tap around the right ear or the left. Since Energy Medecine is an intuitive process, It is really based on what feels best for you.

If by some chance, you find that what you are doing is not working, then use EFT to release any and all blocks, negative self talk and anything else, standing in the way of what you desire.

According to Gary Craig, this process should be repeated every half hour or so to do the initial installation.

I recommend writing down what you want on a piece of paper and keeping it nearby and repeating it every half hour as you tap on the temporal lobe behind your ear. Perhaps you will decide that every half hour is too excessive for you, then drop it down as you feel appropriate. It is suggested to do this at least 5 times a day, for any one issue. Ten times a day will bring quicker results and more would be even better.

The whole idea behind it is that it puts your weight loss on auto pilot. Without having to think about it, your subconscious receives new directions that you are doing what you need to in order to become thinner now.

Go ahead, give it a shot. You be the judge of what’s best for you. Let me know how it goes. I’m rooting for you. Leave a comment and share your feedback with me.