You can use Emotional Freedom Technique to get relief for issues of anger, sadness, fear, shame, overwhelm. It’s used to help people to release and neutralize traumatic memories of war, rape, abuse, molestation, eliminate or alleviate physical pain. It works to eliminate all forms of performance anxiety, including: fear of public speaking, heights, vertigo, overcome mental blocks, improves test taking, increases your desire for sex. You can use it to overcome a variety of fears and phobias, eliminate allergies, clear up brain fog, break free of limiting beliefs, eliminate anxiety, undesirable thoughts or feelings, neutralize food and addictive cravings, PMS, depression, stiffness or soreness.

As I describe in my book and teach my clients, by using it as I do, you can create kick butt confidence

and overcome a fat and ugly, negative self image, years of self doubt, a chronic negative mindset, and so much more. As a professional certified empowerment coach, I love EFT. I consider it the bees’ knees of coaching tools and the single best thing that ever happened in my life.

Features of EFT

1. Fast acting: EFT often works rapidly.

2. Painless: It is relatively painless. In the case of dealing with negative memories, you do not have to relive them and re-experience the original trauma.

3 Emotional results are typically long lasting

4. Physical results: vary in lasting ability, (new aspects that need to be dealt with separately can arise.)

5. Specificity: It’s best to work on specific events. It makes it easier to tune into the source of the problem.

6. Simple: EFT is an easy, process that you can do yourself. Tap your cares away.

As Gary Craig says, “Try it on everything.” And please keep in mind that EFT works when you work it. Now give it some thought. Considering that EFT is like having courage in a bottle, a pharmacy at your fingertips that also gives you the power to wipe your slate clean and start all over again, what would you like EFT to do for you?