A few days ago, my daughter, Cara and I decided to bake a pie. Since I’ve changed my eating habits, eat what I want and tune into my hunger, I’ve taught her how to do the same. Now both of us are losing weight naturally.

As we peeled and cut the apples, I realized that we had crossed a threshold.

For years, I lived as a hypocrite, gaining and losing weight, saying no to foods in social situations and binging as soon as I got home. After years of dieting and binging, I had no internal control.

Cara watched this cycle for years. Eventually it took its toll on her.

About 6 months ago, I brought her to the doctor to discover that she had gained an excessive amount of weight. On our trip home, I realized that I was the cause of her weight gain.

As her adoring mother, I asked myself:


What kind of role model have I been?

What have I really taught her about food, her body and eating?

How have my years of diet/binge cycling affected her?

I instantly knew the answer. I had to stop dieting and show her that she could lose weight by eating the foods she loved by learning to:




The good mommy in me immediately said to myself, “Are you crazy?!” That’s lunacy.

But the wise and loving Weight Loss Coach in me said,

“Yes, of course, that’s the answer.”

“No More Diets”

Diets trigger deprivation which cause people to binge.

That’s one thing dieters take for granted – the lost art of eating for pleasure. Diets focus on preventing hunger, fooling the body and restriction.

Yesterday I noticed that the pie was still sitting largely uneaten in the refrigerator. I asked Cara if she had been enjoying it.

She said, “No, it’s too sweet Mommy.” I laughed and agreed with her.

In my new program, Losing Weight Without Dieting, my clients are also learning how to be more discriminating, trust themselves with all foods, tune into their hunger and stop eating when they’re satisfied. Essentially, they are becoming naturally finicky eaters.

That’s the way that naturally thin people eat.

Imagine being able to:

Eat the foods you love and lose weight
Love your body more
Enjoy the taste of food more
Regain the self respect you lost by years of dieting

Sounds good?