All around us we are surrounded by manifestations of life and energy. Typically when you think of universal power or energy, words like electricity, magnetism, gasoline or batteries come to mind. However this is not the source of energy that we work with when we use Emotional Freedom Technique or any of the other forms of energy coaching.

The energy that is involved when we speak of energy coaching is sourced back to the origin of what powers the sun, batteries, electrical impulses, fossil fuels, our body, plants or animals. Since the beginning of time, everything animate and inanimate once broken down to its simplest form, is made up of the same energy. This energy is called Atomic energy. Consider that we are all living in a great sea of energy, connected to one another by a common thread.

That connecting thread is the fact that everything is made up of the same basic structure, which is called an Atom. Everything in life is made up of atoms. Atoms are microscopic  particles of energy that are constantly in motion and vibrating. This energy is universal yet it combines in different sequences to make up different combinations. These variations account for the difference between the energy sequencing of a person as opposed to a dog or a desk. Although you may look at a desk and not be able to see its structure of its particles moving with your naked eye, they are indeed bouncing around, vibrating and in constant motion.

In her book, “The Field”, Lynne McTaggert, says that this radiant energy is a unified field or grid and it is constantly vibrating. It is attracted to other atoms that are vibrating on the same resonance pattern. She calls this the Zero Point Field. She defines the Zero Point Field, as an ocean of microscopic vibrations that exist in the space between things. She says that everything is connected to everything else like an invisible web and that humans are a collection of energetic particles constantly exchanging information with everything else in the vast sea of energy. McTaggert describes that all living things emit a weak radiation and this emission contains all aspects of life, from cellular communication to all information encoded in the DNA. Everything exchanges information at the cellular or quantum level.

Roger Callahan, original creator of Thought Field Therapy, from which the Emotional Freedom Technique was later derived by Gary Craig, wrote in his book, Tapping the Healer Within, that the network of energy “meridians” or energetic channels in the body that were discovered by the Chinese have recently been proven to exist by modern science.

The Swedish scientist and radiologist, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, documented the existence of meridians and acupuncture points when he first noticed a halo effect that emitted from X Rays taken of malignant lung tumors. Upon further exploration, he discovered that the source of this halo was actually a separate system that circulated energy inside of the body. He observed that this energy was carried by a weak electrical current and found in the microscopic spaces between each of the cells and throughout the bloodstream itself.

In 1995, Pierre de Vernejoul also proved the existence of this energy channeling system using volunteers. He injected non harmful radiation into several specific accupoints on volunteers. By using special gamma cameras, he was able to identify lines of travel that were identical to the Chinese meridians discovered 5000 years ago and used today in the treatment of Acupuncture.

These examples prove that we have two energy fields, running both inside and outside of our bodies. According to Lynne McTaggert’s book, “The Field”, these fields of energy are affected by a change. This is either caused by directly manipulating them as with our hands or by using our thoughts to alter them.

This means that our thoughts are powerful and they can either be used to create or destroy. The thoughts that you think are made up of the same energy that exists in your body, found to run in the Acupuncture meridians. By concentrating and focusing on your thoughts, you are able to activate a change in the energetic field, ultimately affecting your body and the world. This explains why when you focus on sadness, being angry or feelings of hurt, you will feel it in your body. By using energy coaching, you use several methods to guide the user to focus on desired outcomes. By focusing on what you want, you will activate that invisible field of energy inside and outside of your body, causing your cells to resonate at a vibration that will attract that which you desire.

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