Been wondering why Andrea’s posts have gotten spotty over the past few months? Here’s an update to tell you where she’s been and where she’s going.

Just wanted to let you know that this blog is deeply important to me. I’ve kept it for nearly 7 years and it represents a big piece of my heart that I eagerly share with you.

Just to be sure that we’re on the same page and that I am the right source of inspiration and information for you I want you to know what I do. I figured it’s been a long time since I actually spelled it out in writing so here it is:

I work with women who struggle with overeating and hating their bodies who are ready to learn how to feel safe and sane around food and feel good about themselves.

If that’s you, then I sincerely apologize for the inconsistent messages over the past few months. I have had several family emergencies that made it necessary for me to leave town and go to take care of my mother. From relocating her from where she was to an assisted living apartment, settling her and her cat, and helping her to deal with her husband’s passing and being reunited with an old dear friend of mine, it has been a real roller coaster ride of emotion. Anger, relief, sadness and joy all came to the party. To deal with all that mess and confusion, I had to use every technique that I know to stay in charge of the situation at hand more times than I fell apart.

Believe me, it was no fun flying back and forth from NY to Florida several times during the holidays leaving the grounding of my home and family to return to a place that holds so much emotional baggage for me. It was an incredibly difficult and painful process going through all the changes and challenges I had to overcome in order to effectively help out my mom. But as with everything it made me a stronger person. In the future, I’ll probably write another book about those experiences, but for now they’re still ruminating in my head, and I’m not quite sure of where they fit. So I’ll just take the time that I need to let them settle where they may.

Update on Andrea’s book, “Lovin’ the Skin You’re In”

But now that my mom is back on an even keel, I’ve been slowly getting back to my life again and breathing new life into my business. The first few weeks were spent working on finishing the editing of my book. I also needed someone to design the interior and create a new cover. A dear friend and colleague of mine, named Sally Shields recommended her book designer, Carolyn Sheltraw. After much back and forth, we finally hit upon the perfect note, balancing the beauty of the page design with the brains of the content. Thank you Carolyn for your award winning graphic design:

One of the toughest challenges that I had with the book was framing my personal story in a way that would truly reflect my truth and serve you as the reader.
It took two full edits and two years to finally achieve that goal. Now it’s done and I am so proud to say that I did it!

After nearly 6 years in production, I’m thrilled to say that I am finally done with writing and editing my precious book, “Lovin’ the Skin You’re In: The Juicy Woman’s Guide to Making Peace with Food and Friends with Your Body.” At 462 pages, it is huge, packed to the brim with incredible valuable information, inspiration and stories that I’m sharing with you to move you along on your path to end emotional eating and love the skin you’re in. It has truly been a labor of love and I’m so thrilled that it’s done.

To purchase the downloadable version of the book for immediate availability at $49.95, you can buy it from the site at:

If you prefer reading your books on Kindle, then My assistant, Maria has just finished making the book available so that it can be purchased on Kindle now. But it’s not yet set up with the purchase link because we still tweaking the page.

As far as when the book will be available for those of you hands-on readers like me, we are just waiting to get the cover sized to fit publication standards. Once that’s done, then it’s off to the Create Space publishers to be reborn as a paperback sometime around mid-May.

Andrea Joins Curvy Magazine as Body and Soul Editor

I’m tickled pink to announce that I’ve been named as the Body and Soul editor for Curvy Magazine. Last year Curvy Magazine became a part of the GLAM Network. That is the largest (220 million visitors a year) online network for women. Curvy Magazine is also the first and only plus size related website to be accepted into the network. I love the idea of having a platform of so many millions of women to spread my body lovin’ message.

The Juicy Woman Lovin’ the Skin You’re In Power Circle Meet Up

At this point, I am reactivating my Meet Up groups and if you’re a resident of New York, you’re a lucky gal because you’ll be able to participate in them and get my live coaching for a fraction of the cost of private coaching with me. The cost is $40 for a 2 hour group coaching session. For more information visit my Meet Up site at :

If you are a plus size retailer or an entrepreneur who offers a product or service that would suit my Meet Up members, then please contact me and let’s discuss sponsorship opportunities.

If you are not a resident of New York, I will also be offering virtual weekly coaching using a Facebook application and a webcam. If you have access to Facebook and a webcam, you can join. As soon as I set up that page, I’ll update the information here on the blog.

Update on the next Losing Weight without Dieting Program

During the week of April 16, I will be holding another Losing Weight without Dieting program. This is my core program that teaches all the basics of the energy coaching tools that I continue to use myself and share with others to deal with the emotions that push our hungry buttons. I’ll give you every chance to take advantage of it over the next several weeks with various promotions and Early Bird opportunities.

Upcoming Promotions and Support Opportunities

In May I will be promoting my Curvy & Confident Coaching Club. Keep your eyes peeled. That will be the membership program that you can join that will give you an in the bones experience of what I teach in the book.

Because this membership program is based on group coaching support, everyone must be on the same page in their understanding of my basic philosophy and core principles. I will not be teaching my RECLAIM system here, only giving tools to implement it. This is why reading the book or participating in my Losing Weight without Dieting program is a prerequisite to participating in the Curvy & Confident Coaching Club membership program.

And between all those goodies, I’ll be sharing more information of my Juicy Woman Lovin ‘ the Skin You’re In radio show.

How to Subscribe to This Blog

And most importantly, I will be posting here on a consistent basis. Sometimes you’ll see reprints of my articles, but most of the time you’ll get fresh hot off the press content, inspirational personal stories from me, guest postings and a sprinkling of lots more juicy morsels for good measure. No matter how the content is delivered the intention is always the same; to get you thinking about yourself and your body in empowering ways so that food won’t hold you hostage. You in control of food and not the other way around. That’s the name of the game. Let’s have some fun. Shall we? If you’re not already a subscriber to this blog, and you want to be informed of when I update and add a new post, then go to the top of the page and look beneath the old photo of my book cover and you’ll see an optin box with the following instruction:

Sign up here… and I’ll let you know when I post.

Go ahead and fill out that RSS form. That way you’ll get a notice in your inbox each time I update a new post.

For up-to the minute resources, follow me on Twitter at and join my Facebook fan page at:

Well that’s all for now. Count on it. If you’re looking in the right places, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.

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