I woke up this morning tired and grouchy, very unusual for me, not wanting to go the gym and meet my new trainer, Nicki.  I knew that I had to get more serious about increasing my level of activity and that this was the perfect time to do that.  I had even called ahead and asked Nicki to do a quick measurement before we started to train together this morning.

As I sat in her office, she pulled out a hand held machine from her desk, asks me what I weigh and my height.  I felt pangs of guilt and the old critical voice popped up in judgment when I said, “I’m 167 and 5’3”. I know that I have been going up and down 5 pounds since I crossed the finish line at the Avon Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk 5 years ago. That was when I decided that I was ready to take a vacation from continuing my weight loss. And so I did.

Well it looks like vacation is over.  Now that I am a Professional Speaker and working with women to overcome their food issues, I need to clear out my own garage of gunk in my brain related to my own food issues.  I know full well that I have been diddling around, just maintaining my weight loss of 50 pounds and I’ve been so busy beating up on myself for not going the distance and losing the rest of the 20 pounds. Recently I had a big Aha as to what the core issue was behind this subconscious stall.  I’ll share that with you in another post about weight setpoints created by our subconscious mind in response to specific anchors of events that are often remarkable or somehow traumatic to the body.

So there I was in Nicki’s office, holding the body fat monitor in my hand and the measurement comes up.  When I saw it… You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I couldn’t believe it when I read

Percentage of Body Fat:  36.8 %

Yikes! I asked myself how could that be? I was only 5 pounds away from where I was when I was training at the gym 4 days a week with a 27% ratio and 162 pounds. The difference was that I had completely stopped my weight training and was just maintaining the absolute minimum amount of activity each week.

My mind scattered for a moment and I thought “How can I fit into the same size 8, okay sometime also a 10 clothes.  Why did this happen to me? Just 5 pounds ago… All of a sudden the answers didn’t really matter anymore because it was undeniable.  There was the proof that I was not at the end of my journey as I was attempting to deceive myself for the past few years.

The fact is that I got a wake up call this morning and it didn’t feel really good.  I realized that I could no longer deceive myself and play games because my body is just carrying around more fat than it did 5 years ago.  Sure it’s just 5 pounds more but it’s the difference in not being active and completely eliminatiing the regimen at the gym or any type of weight training that made the real difference in the added weight and loftier mass.

I resolved that I’m not going to freak out as I would have done in the past.  my NLP training helps me to realize that It’s just feedback not failure.  It only means that I need to create some new anchors and re-install some others.  I’m a master at losing weight, I’ve done it before and I can do it again. When I was in the groove, it was really fun! Lately it’s been happening differently than before. The really cool thing is that I’ve been noticing that my habits have been naturally changing since I have been tapping along with my callers on the Craving Zapping Program.

I am not even experiencing cravings anymore and I have a drive to be more active.  I am now also getting those feelings of satisfaction even before I am halfway through the meal. Now that is a good thing. That is exactly what I want for myself and all my clients, effortless weight reduction.  Isn’t that what we all want? My friend, with EFT, it is a reality.  In fact, I am convinced that it was my tapping that drove me back to the gym to seek out the help and support that I needed to get over my own self imposed plateau.  It will be fun to see how I accomplish the last of the weight reduction.  I am definitely unwilling to do the same thing that I did in the past which was to obsess over what I ate, how much, my activity level, how often and all that nonsense.  I am ready to let it be easy.  EFT take it away.