Are you in hiding?

Would you rather die than bare your thighs, or show off your less than perfect arms? How many times have you felt ashamed of the way that you look and tried to cover up or avoid certain situations that made you feel uncomfortable? I’ve spent most of my life living that way. Shame is a horrible emotion that left alone will consume you.

I remember back in June 2008, I had just returned from a family vacation in Puerto Rico. Everyone was so excited to get the pictures back but I had no desire to see myself looking like a fat cow. For the first time ever since before I had my children, I wore a bathing suit and shorts. I resolved that I would never again hide my body under layers of clothes to cover up my excess weight.

But to be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced of being okay with my body. I was just kind of acting like I was, but I wasn’t really. I was just at the beginning of my commitment to love and accept my body as it is, and I was standing on some seriously shaky ground. Since then, I’ve overcome a world of hurt and come to respect myself in ways that I thought I never could. So yes. I stand before you today The Juicy Woman, ready, willing and able to teach you all I know about loving and respecting yourself no matter what your size.

Flip to today. Summer’s almost officially here. And today I’m spending the day with the fam, celebrating my son, PT’s 21st birthday. We’re heading to Atlantic City for the day, staying at a lovely hotel on the beach. You can damn well bet that I’m packing my bathing suit because I definitely want a chance to enjoy the waves or at least a dip in the hotel pool. Either way I’m planning on getting wet and enjoying the water because that’s something that I love that I foolishly deprived myself of for years. No more waiting or weighting. That’s what I say.

If you can’t stand feeling ashamed of your body a moment longer, then you’re probably ready to come out of hiding. I’m here to help! Here are two ways that I can lend a helping hand. I’m here to inspire and to teach. A few weeks ago, I had an amazing interview with Golda Poretsky, of Body Love Wellness and she said that we have to take back the word, “fat” so I’m taking inspiration from her by standing proudly and saying, “Yeah Baby, I’m fat. So What! I’m also so much more than just my body. I’m a powerful, confident, beautiful, competent gal who won’t be stopped by her size. And my bet is you are too.

If you’re sick and tired of hiding, and feeling ashamed of your size, you need a fresh perspective. I can help you with that.  Start by reading a bunch of my blog posts, because I’ve been blogging here at The Juicy Woman Blog since 2005. Next if you want more body shame bustin’ tips and tricks, so that you can truly step into your power and be more sassy and confident no matter what your age or size, I’d like to invite you to join me in my Lovin’ the Skin You’re In Facebook Group. Just click the photo image below to check out a free group of like-minded women ready to rock their thighs at every size as they take steps every day to reclaim their power and love their weigh to wellness.